Six NC Aces lacrosse players walking on the field in their gear.

team info

about the nc aces

The NC Aces is an elite girls lacrosse team bringing together the best 2026/2027/2028/2029 talent in the country. Our strategy is to provide our players a platform to excel on and off the field by integrating the best training in lacrosse, fitness, and mental performance. By providing our players and parents with individual analytical performance data, we provide them with the resources to track areas of strength and weakness as we prepare them for collegiate level lacrosse.

28/29 Roster

Bella Sharpe
Brooke Hackman
Cameron Prescott
Fiona Ellsworth
Gracie Sharpe
Jolee Simpson
Katie von Koch
Layton Vanek
Luca D’Amico
Mackenzie Brennan
Stella Dailey
Taylor Sharpe

High school roster

Bea Serfontein (C)
Campbell Stuart
Cece Shia (C)
Lexi von Koch
Lila D'Amico